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Because talk minus action equals jacksh*t

Perks. Because why not?

We think volunteering is serious business and you should be rewarded for it. That’s why we offer a kick-ass experience and awesome perks.

Build your resume

Yes! Volunteering with Incitement adds to your resume. You’ll receive an official Unesco certificate upon your completed participation.

Grow your network

You’ll make plenty of friends during our projects. And you’ll be part of Incitement's global network with presence in 46 countries.

Scale your talent

Participating in our social projects will allow you to develop awesome new skills and scale your talent to do things that really matter.

Join us

Sitting around and just talking about the world’s problems isn’t going to change anything. Join Incitement to create real, sustainable impact.

A new volunteering experience with Incitement

Here's what you need to know

Read this section carefully if you want to volunteer with Incitement.

Volunteering with Incitement
First come = First serve

We get more Volunteers than we can handle (yes, our projects are that awesome!). Make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you’re the first to hear about available volunteering positions.

No show = No go

Your role is very important. Once you are accepted and decide to cancel last minute, or not show up at all, you will be removed from our mailing list and no longer be allowed as a Volunteer for any project.

Only 2-day Volunteers

You must be available for the entire weekend (Saturday and Sunday, both the full day). If you can only make it on one of the days then don’t apply; your application will be rejected.

Be on your best behaviour

We will make sure you have an amazing experience, as long as you make sure to follow the schedule and instructions carefully. We are on a tight schedule and cannot wait on latecomers.

Take care of yourself and others

We will be going deep into the jungle to visit the indigenous villages of Malaysia. This is not only very adventurous, but can also be dangerous. Make sure you take good care of yourself and others around you.

Accept the waiver form

When you apply as a volunteer for Incitement, you accept and agree to the terms & conditions as listed in the volunteering waiver form.

A whole new volunteering experience

Sign up!

If you’re are up for a challenging and productive volunteering experience, register today and be part of our awesome volunteering team! Volunteer with Incitement